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Central LNG Marine Fuel Japan

LNG Sales

Amid the global trend to tighten environmental regulations, LNG as a marine fuel is drawing more attention. More oceangoing vessels will be LNG-fueled, and in Japan we are front-runners who have been focusing on the environmental advantage of LNG as a marine fuel compared to conventional heavy fuel oil (HFO). We will provide marine LNG to vessels through ship-to-ship operations, an efficient method of supplying a substantial amount of LNG to large vessels.

Courtesy of JERA
Central LNG Marine Fuel Japan

Vessel Operation

Safe operation of the LNG bunkering vessel is considered to be most important in providing LNG fuel supply services to our valuable customers. Central LNG Marine Fuel Corporation is committed to vessel safely, taking advantage of years of experience handling LNG inside LNG carriers operated by NYK and KL, shareholders in this LNG bunkering corporation.

Central LNG Shipping Japan

Ship Management

To maintain and improve the safe operation of vessels, careful ship management is essential. In addition to owning vessels, Central LNG Shipping Co. Ltd. will carry out ship-management duties, such as crew management, etc.

Courtesy of JERA